We're releasing a beta version of the NuroSTREAM learning platform this coming Fall. With the NuroSTREAM beta, you're able to input content that you want to study and interact with it to solidify your understanding of a subject. The beta is designed to help you maximize your time and attention by helping you focus on content just enough to help you retain it without over studying. And the content you interact with is personalized to your mind so it's easier to remember. With the right tool like NuroSTREAM, a better education is at your fingertips.


Does the beta collect
personal info?

No, our platform doesn't collect or share your personal information. We do receive analytics on how you use the app in order to improve its performance, but this is information that is not tied to you in any way. The purpose of our beta version is to help you learn, show you some of the learning methods we have in store, and grow our platform.

Is the NuroSTREAM beta free?

Yes, our beta is completely free. Interested?! The sign up form is below!

(However, since we're free, we can only manage so many people at a time. We'll notify you when you're off the waitlist. Hopefully soon!)*

What can I do with the beta version?

You can use it to learn any subject by inputting information that you want to learn. The beta version focuses on increasing retention in a fun and engaging way.


"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." - Yoko Ono


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